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How I Stopped Smoking on My Own After Smoking a Pack a Day for 23 Years, and Then I Quit Myself

By Vince Stead

I started smoking cigarettes when I was just 13 years old. Like a lot of kids in my neighborhood, some of the kids smoked, and some of them did not. Most of my friends smoked cigarettes, especially when we at house parties, or just every day.

In the navy you smoke a lot. The cigarettes are a bit cheaper, because when you go out to sea, they sell the cigarettes cheaper to you, and don't charge you the high taxes you have to pay when you are import, so it is much cheaper if you wait for the ship to go out to sea.

In the navy, lots of people drink coffee and smoke cigarettes, even thou it is obviously getting harder and harder to find a place to smoke, without some coming down on you.When I quit, cigarettes were no where near as expensive as they are these days!

Well, my mother had died from lung cancer, and her age was not that far away from the age I was approaching. One night, I was in my kitchen, and their was a medical book someone had left, and when I was reading something in it, it said that if a person quits smoking, and does not smoke for 10 years, it is like they did not smoke. I don't know if that is true or not, I'm no doctor, but I thought about it, even if it was half true, I figured I better stop, because I'm just going to die from it like my mother, she was 37.

I looked at the calendar, and it was only about 2 weeks and it would be my fathers birthday. I'm a terrible remember of dates, but I could remember that I quit smoking on my dads birthday.

I figured the only way I could quit smoking, would be if I tortured myself with cigarettes, to the point that I hate them, and never want anything to do with them again, and I knew I had to make it work, or I would just keep smoking cigarettes, and I already smoked about a pack a day every day, for 23 years, and I knew it was not good for me, but I always would have that craving, after sex, after food, after even a toke of you know what, and that never changed, I never lost that craving, but cigarettes are a thing of the past, for about 10 years now, and it worked for me.

I went into my garage on the eve of my fathers birthday, and I don't think I ever even told him that I picked that day to quit, he was a working alcoholic most of his adult life, owned and ran a chain of 5 bakeries, and was always working, but would drink every single evening at home. He was always nice to me, but his vice was alcohol, my mothers were cigarettes, and she died at 37, my father lived into his late 70's, and he drank almost a fifth a day, and lived a long life, but cigarettes killed my mom way to early.

I thought about that, and I hardly drink anyway, just at parties or when we do something special.

I say in my garage, and lit up a cigarette, and then smoked it, then lit up another one, and smoked, it, don't think I ever smoked one right after the other, unless I was heavy drinking, and then I lit up a 3rd one, and I could not almost take that one, and then I started inhaling the cigarette into my nose, and it was burning, and my eyes were burning, and I started thinking I hate these cigarettes, and then I lit up another one, and smoked it, and could hardly smoke it, and then snorted it up my nostrils, until it was burning so bad, my body hated it, and wanted to reject it now, and my eyes were watering and burning, and I did it more, and I did it until my nose was so burning from the smoke, and my eyes could not take it, and then I put everything out, and went in the house, and from that point on, I have never ever had the craving for a cigarette, and now since the price is like $5 a pack or so, I'm so glad I quit, and I could smoke with my friends some funny weed sometimes, and I never get a craving for a cigarette, and even when I drink anything, like alcohol, or a big mean, I never have a craving for a cigarette, I don't even think about it.

If I'm in a casino playing a machine or something, and someone sits down next to me with a cigarette, it actually stinks to me now, and I wish they would go away from me. I have seen it from both sides, and I do not recommend it to anyone, it's just me. I was in the navy for 8 years, and I don't care if I was in another country, if I had to eat some bugs off the ground, I would, so this is not for everybody, just letting you know how I kicked the habit myself, and did not have to go threw a withdraw system that does not work for a lot of people, my body did the natural thing, it told my body it does not want that crap anymore, since it was tortured with it. I wonder if anyone else ever quit like that?

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