Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quit Smoking Advice

Every smoker attempts to quit at some point. After all, after years of smoking, you start asking yourself the question "Why am I still smoking this filthy thing" or "Why can't I stop smoking!" This article will explain why and give you advice what you can do.

What you have to understand is that you can't "convince" yourself to quit smoking with those futuristic images of whatever bad could possibly happen to you as a result of continuous smoking. Those futuristic images aren't kinetic but the cigarette pack that you're holding is. The cigarette that you run with your lips with is. The taste buds and your lungs know it's real.

You begin smoking and pretty soon it grows into a habit. Now, something that you were doing willfully is now happening subconsciously and you can't stop it willfully - because it doesn't happen willfully anymore! You not only get to the chemicals and tobacco inside the cigarette but you're just so used to the touch of the cigarette - you feel it on your lips, as you breathe smoke through it you feel the sensation in your lungs - and you subconsciously become "used" it it just like you subconsciously flinch when something comes fast at you.

Now, when you just abruptly stop smoking you're taking away something that you depended on for such a long time. Something that has been with you all these years - think of it like losing someone very special to you. They made you feel good, you depended on them, had them by your side, and all of a sudden it gets taken away. What do you feel? Inability to focus, concentrate, you're not in the mood for anything - those are very similar withdrawals that you exhibit in both cases!

There is, however, a method that you can unlearn yourself from the habit. The method has an exceptionally high success rate and the whole idea behind it is transforming your mind before changing your behavior. Think about it. Your perception of something will ultimately change the behavior you have towards something. So what I'm going to teach you is change your perception on cigarettes and addiction. Furthermore, I'm going to teach you how to unlearn the habit so you can finally stop smoking for good.

There is a 3 step program that has proven to work over and over again. The program is called the Quit Smoking Recipe and the success rate is simply astonishing. The program not only changes your perception on smoking altogether but also lets you in on a little secret of how you can actually beat smoking without having to battle withdrawals! It's truly the one book that you can't miss out on if you want to quit smoking for good.