Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eight Sure Ways to Quit Cigarettes That Work Every Time

1. Tell everyone you are going to quit cigarettes. Make sure everyone knows. The whole idea here is to stop people offering you cigarettes.It is easy to accept one if people keep shoving them at you.

2. Avoid smoking areas at work. If your not there you cannot smoke.

3. Find someone who wants to quit as well. By having a partner to quit with you can motivate each other during moments when your will-power alone fails you.

4. If you find that you cannot get by on will-power use a quit cigarette aid like gum, patches or hypnosis to see you through.

5. Hide your lighter away so even if you are tempted to smoke you will not be able to light up your cigarettes.

6. Avoid cigarettes or people who have them at times you would normally smoke. For example if your having a coffee or a break or when your on the telephone.The reasoning here is your brain will associate these times a with cigarettes and give you the urge to have one.

7. If you feel your will-power waning do something to keep yourself occupied. Like reading a book, a crossword, or even go for a walk away from any cigarettes.

8. Take up exercise or a sport. You will soon find out the effects cigarettes are having on your body and will have extra motivation to quit cigarettes.